You’re Guide to Oral Health

The importance of a good dental health cannot be denied. Your oral health affects your overall health. It is the entry point to various crucial parts of body and therefore, taking a good care of your dental health is important. Regular dental check-up at the best dental clinic in Ahmedabad is the first step you can take. Apart from this, being knowledgeable about the steps you need to take in this regard and also understanding a few misconceptions is essential.

Dental Clinic in Ahmedabad
Dental Clinic in Ahmedabad

Dental Myths & Facts You Must Know

1. Myth – Sugar is the only cause of cavities.

Fact. Well, sugar actually has a role to play towards contributing to cavities formations. The bacteria that eat sugar are responsible for causing cavities. Hence, it is advisable to rinse and brush your mouth properly after you consume food.

2. Myth – It is normal to have bleeding gums.

Fact. It certainly is not. The inflammation of gums makes them bleed. There could be many reasons such as plaque buildup, gum disease, etc. It is important to contact a well-known and trusted dentist from a top-notch dental clinic in Ahmedabad.

3 Myth – To clean your teeth better, you need to brush harder.

Fact. The only difference brushing teeth harder will make to your teeth is more trauma to your gum tissue. All you need to do is to brush teeth in a gentle manner for a few minutes, twice in a day. The brush should have soft bristles.

4. Myth – Flossing is optional, not always necessary.

Fact. One of the easiest ways to take a good care of your oral health is to floss daily; the practice may remove plaque up to nearly 80%.

5. Myth – If you have white teeth, it means your teeth are healthy.

Fact. If your teeth are white, it does not mean they are healthy. Regular dental checkup is necessary to ensure your oral health remains good.

6. Myth – It is not essential for children to brush baby teeth.

Fact. Even children are required to brush their teeth twice a day to avoid oral complications.

7 Myth – Gum disease is a part of mouth concern only.

Fact – Well, as afore-mentioned, your oral health affects overall health of your body. The bacteria present in gum disease can easily spread to various parts of your body and hence, may be associated with major illnesses.

8. Myth – It is not required to do regular dental check-up if you don’t experience any health concerns.

Fact – Regular examination is the least you could do to identify oral troubles before they get worst and also make sure your teeth’s condition remains healthy. Maintain optimal oral health with the help of the best dental clinic in Ahmedabad – Dev Multi Speciality Dental Care.

Dev Multispecialty Dental Care is one of the top-notch dental clinics which brings to you experienced, qualified and dedicated dental professionals who can take care of your dental health for lifetime. The clinic embraces values of quality dental care, trust and dedicated patient care. Mr. Devang Mistry is a Chief Oral Implantologist at the clinic. He had decades of experience into dental implants; he has executed successful dental treatments.

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