Root Canal Treatment in Ahmedabad

Avoid the spread of tooth infection and preserve the beauty of your tooth by getting your Root Canal Treatment done with us

How to write he have a team of experts who will ensure the procedure is thorough and effective while you are kept as relaxed as possible.

What exactly is root canal treatment? Root Canal Treatment removes extensive dental decay and treats infection to save your tooth. Think of it as a treatment between dental fillings and tooth removal

How Do I Know if I need Root canal Treatment
The step by step Protocol for Painless Single Sitting Root canal Treatment
Benefits of Root canal Treatment

When is a Root Canal Needed? 

If you are feeling a nagging pain that does not go away even when you are doing nothing, this may indicate an infection. And it may be time to get checked for root canal. Some symptoms include:

  1. Facial swelling on the area of the infected tooth
  2.  Dental abscesses
  3.  Difficulty in opening the mouth, eating
  4. Discharge on the gum area
  5.  Throbbing or pulsating toothache
  6.  Great sensitivity to hot and cold
  7.  Extreme pain when brushing
  8.  Extreme pain on a previous root canal treatment – Root Canal Retreatment

Root Canal Treatment in Ahmedabad


  • Whether it is to be done in front or back tooth. Front teeth have usually only one canal in dental root so easier and less time taking. Back teeth usually have multiple, curved canals difficult to treat and more time consuming this costlier.
  • Degree of infection in the canals, severe long term chronic infection with pus discharge can take more number of sittings, more medicament and Chair side time, thus more cost.
  • Whether root canal is done by a root canal specialist like Dr. Devang Mistry or a by a general dentist. The experience of an Endodontist Or Root canal Specialist treating you.
  • Whether it is done in a single visit or in multiple visit. As single sitting RCT is done using specialized rotary (motorized ROBOTIC RCT) instruments.
  • Quality of the materials used in the RC procedure (there are costly materials which are used at Dev Multispeciality Dental care , Ahmedabad, India, during RCT Or Root canal treatment Like 3M USA, Ivoclar Germany and Coltene Switzerland)
  • Place where you get it treated. If it is a Multispecialty dental hospital e.g.Dev Multispeciality Dental care with multiple chairs and good advanced equipment, it might cost you little more compared to a single chair clinic.


Whether it is to be done in front or back tooth. You can seek immediate dental care if you have any the following symptoms:
  • Spontaneous pain of the tooth or pain in response to hot stimulus that does not subside. This can be present with or without a swelling in relation to the affected tooth/teeth.
  • Discoloration of teeth or fractured teeth
  • Our teeth have their own circulation and nerves. The veins and nerves running inside the teeth can be damaged by various factors (such as deep decay or trauma).

The Step by Step Protocol for Painless Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment:

Here is a step-by-step guide to how the procedure saves your tooth:

  1. ROOT CANAL OPENING – Following anaesthesia Your dentist Dr Devang M. Mistry & Dr Aanal D. Mistry makes an small opening through the top of the tooth down to the pulp chamber.
  2. CLEANING OR BMP OF ROOT CANAL The injured or dead pulp is taken out and the root canals are irrigated and medicated. If Tooth is cleaned and all infection is removed your dentist Dr Dr Devang M. Mistry & Dr Aanal D. Mistry will complete the RCT in Single Sitting. If Tooth had chronic infection then Two Visit RCT is advised.
  3. A temporary filling is placed in the opening at the top of the tooth in order to protect it between procedures.
  4. ROOT CANAL FILLING (RCF) The temporary filling gets removed and the pulp chamber and root canal(s) are cleaned then filled with Guttapercha and checked in Xray.
  5. crown or Onlay is placed over the tooth.

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment:

  • Root Canal Treatment can prevent or stop toothache and/ or infection.
  • Root Canal Treatment allows otherwise unsalvageable teeth to be saved and then restored
  • fixed), with either a filling or crown
  • Without Root Canal Treatment the tooth would inevitably have to be removed due to pain and/ or infection. There is also a risk that the infection can spread beyond the tooth if RCT is not done.

When is a Re-treat Root Canal Treatment Required?

  • Root Canal Treatment can prevent or With proper dental care and cleaning routine, a root canal treated teeth last a lifetime. But in some instances, the treated tooth may not heal properly, causing pain or discomfort. Reason for RCT treated tooth may not heal or develop a new problem due to various reasons:
  • Narrow or curved canals was not treated by First Dentist
  • Complicated canal anatomy
  • Delayed placement of the crown or other restoration
  • Salivary contamination to the inside of the tooth
  • Exposure to bacteria causing a new infection in the tooth
  • A loose or broken crown or filling exposing the tooth to infection
  • Any of these issues can create a new problem and jeopardise a tooth that was successfully treated. This can occur within a few months or even years after the initial root canal treatment. If any pain or discomfort is experienced in a previously treated tooth, immediately talk to your Root canal Dentist at Dev Multispecialty Dental Care-cosmetic & Implant Clinic to look into retreatment option.

What is Done During Re-treat Root Canal Procedure?

The procedure is almost similar to a root canal treatment with difference below

  • Repeated MetaPex Corea Dressing given to heal chronic Periapical lesion (Repeated Every 15 days)
  • More appointment time, Special expertise, More cost compared to RCT.
  • If present, the infected area is removed, cleaned and shaped, and new filling material is placed to fill in the gap and sealed. A Crown is placed to protect the tooth against fractures.

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Khyati Aacharya

I am visiting clinic from so many years. My 15 teeth are protected by Dr. Devang Mistry with metal bridge and are still strong. One implant is also done by him. Very recent he has protected my front twelve teeth by half mouth rehabilitation and gave my face ,a good look. Dr. Anal Mistry also have a smooth hand for root canal and fixing bridge.

Darshan Parikh

Best Dental Treatment in Maninagar and Transprant Work provide all knowledge about treatment and give proper guidance with familiar nature. Thanks a lot Dr. Devang Mistry for all your treatments continue to do great work.

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I had an amazing experience! The atmosphere won me over, and the staff made me feel extremely comfortable. The doctor took great care of me during my overall visit. They were phenomenal! I’ve found my new dentist, and I highly recommend!!

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